Most people know and see her as a super lawyer, but I see her as my SUPERHERO. Despite having a complicated and multi-layered case, no obstacle was too big for Randy Sue Pollock to tackle. She believed in me and then proved to have the utmost due diligence in representing me and fighting for my story against the US government. Randy Sue has a mind that thinks ten steps ahead of everyone else, with the ability to articulate her argument better than anyone else in the room. Her consistent work ethic, steadfast commitment, and total transparency are just some of the greatest qualities that encapsulate the type of lawyer Randy Sue is. From before, during, and after the trial, Randy Sue was not only there for me as my lawyer, but as a lifelong friend. Additionally, the support she offered my family throughout the case, and the relationship they still have was unexpected, yet shows how above and beyond Randy Sue will go to support her clients. Randy Sue does not fight to win a battle, she fights to win the war. I trust her with my whole life and can whole-heartedly say that anyone lucky enough to have her as a lawyer will feel the same way.

- N.S

Randy Sue Pollock got an acquittal with her “Abe Lincoln” approach. She asked the fewest number of questions, made the shortest opening statement, and gave the shortest closing argument…She had a very clear-cut agenda to zero in on one or two key issues. She did that very effectively, and at the end of the day, the jury gave her a complete acquittal of her client…Her approach of “less is more” was completely vindicated at the end. Read full article

- William H. Aslup

U.S. District Judge

I have referred clients to Randy over the years and have always been impressed with her skills and her caring approach to people in a time of great need and stress.

-Scott Hartley

Partner, Fox, Shjeflo, Hartley & Babu

There are many things I am great full for and one of them was the day I called Randy and she answered. Randy represented us in a very stressful and unusual situation. The level of attention to detail left nothing unanswered. I knew the whole time we were working with her that she was putting herself in our shoes and was empathetic but extremely thorough and very detailed. Too many times lawyers are given a bad rap, but if there were more like Randy, the view would be much more positive. Forever Grateful for Kindness in all aspects.

-Claudine C.

San Jose

Randy Sue Pollock has exceeded my expectations.. My situation has required far more than relying on reputation; it has required a deep understanding of the workings of the federal system, and someone who has enough experience in the district to have knowledge of, relationships with, and the respect of many of the counterparts one might encounter while navigating through the judicial process. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I sure can appreciate now how critically important this last factor is in selecting an attorney.
Every step of this journey Randy has been at my side. She has on several occasions gone above and beyond to assist me with side motions related to job responsibilities and so-on… but it’s more than that. Randy cares. She is genuinely interested in me as a person, asks about my family, and has been actively present in my life since day one; even during long stretches of quiet periods throughout what has been a very long process. Her passion is tireless, she tells it like it is, and has been a reliable ally through it all. It’s with a great deal of thanks to Randy that my life has begun returning to normal, and it is therefore why, about a very private matter, in a very public way, it is without reservation that I offer my unqualified recommendation.

-Mark G.

It is my honor and pleasure to offer a well-deserved and hearty congratulations to our long-time member Randy Sue Pollock for her acquittal in the federal MS13 RICO trial that was an epic battle and hard-fought by an amazing team of defense lawyers (with only one defendant walking out of that hellhole—Randy Sue’s client). If that victory was not sweet enough for her, she is being named as one of the 2011 Attorneys Of The Year and will be featured in a special profile in the February 20th edition of the Recorder. She is the only criminal defense attorney to be included in this group. A tough one she is from the streets of sunny Southern California.

- Harris Taback

…very impressed with Ms. Pollock’s courtroom presence, her courteous demeanor, her law knowledge and her persuasiveness with the jury…in my opinion, Ms. Pollock more than held her own in representing her client.

-Alex Salamando

San Francisco Superior Court Judge

Congratulations to Randy Sue Pollock for winning an acquittal for her client, one of the seven defendants in the MS-13 case recently tried in federal court in San Francisco. Research on severance demonstrates that it is often difficult for jurors to make distinctions between individual defendants who may have varying degrees of culpability, but Randy Sue met the challenge.

-Bonora D'Andrea


I met and hired Randy to defend me back in 2014, in a medical marijuana case involving two counties, multiple raids, gun’s, and plenty of medicine. Randy was fantastic! She was not just concerned to give me the best representation possible (which she did), but she was their to help counsel me through this difficult time in my life. This was my first issue with the legal system so I was definitely someone that didn’t know anything about the processes. I would also consider myself a bit of a needy client. Randy walked me through the process and kept me focused on what’s next all the way to the end. Randy was able to stop one of the DA’s involved from filling charges against me by communicating how the information from that case was already being used against me. In the end Randy was able to help me restore my life after she got the case dismissed through a wonderful argument in a motion to suppress. She did a fantastic job with the witness during her examination. I could not have asked for a better attorney and now feel like I have the chance to do whatever I want “another chance at this game of life”. I feel like I should be referring to you as my “Gladiator” since your work granted me Freedom! ….No Probation…No Jail…..Just Case Dismissed.

- KR

I first met Randy 8 years ago due to some unfortunate circumstances. At the point of being arrested I was vulnerable and not in the greatest head space but Randy was able to set my mind at ease. I found her to be extremely compassionate, honest and sincere. I did a little research on her and found out that this was far from her first rodeo. The trouble I was in did not even compare to some of the RICO, murder or tax cases she typically deals with. Never the less Randy took my case and basically held my hand throughout the entire process. The amount of time that she spent talking to me is hard to even add up. Randy was not billing me by the hour, we arranged a very reasonable flat rate. This did not hold her back from putting in far more hours on my case than I could have ever expected. Randy was able to settle my legal matter exactly how she expressed to me upon my first meeting with her. Since the end of my case I have keep in close contact with Randy and today I can say that I call her a friend. In my opinion there is not a more honest attorney in the Bay area or possible beyond. I have had a lot of time to reflect upon my case and the legal system as a whole. On the legal end of things it all comes down to relationships. The relationship between the prosecutor and your attorney is everything. Over the years Randy has cultivated these relationships and is known as a honest attorney. This is everything when it comes down to how the prosecutor is goes to feel about offering you an amicable deal. They are not only offering it to you, they are offering it to your attorney. The prosecutor often does not like you, but if they like your attorney you just may get the benefit of the doubt. You will not regret hiring Randy I can promise you that.

- Andrew B.

Oakland, CA

My friend is a client of Randy Sue Pollock. She has been the most reliable, smart, considerate attentive, caring attorney I have ever met. She makes you believe in fairness and justice. She believed in my friend from day one and fought for him!! She always answered her cell phone, always made herself available, always made us feel positive!! I highly recommend Attorney Randy Sue Pollock.

-Roe F.

Standford, CT

5 stars is what randy deserves, I wish they had a 10 star button traveling from one state to another to meet randy for the first time to help me out in a federal case , from the first time I met her we discussed my case she gave me her fee I told her I didn’t have all the funds she told me not to worry she would work with me, from that moment on I hired her on the spot. from looking at a 1-5 sentence, to a restitution and a dismissal of the case is what she did for me . I have called numerous attorneys and they were way too expensive and not to friendly. randy made me feel very comfortable from the first time I met her in her office. she handled my case very carefully she listened to what I had to say without cutting me off, she made me explain my side of the story and what matters the most she believed in me. I can’t thank randy enough !!!!!! she has always kept me in the loop during the whole process of the case . this was a very difficult thing to deal with but randy made me feel comfortable thru out the whole process and came out with great results !!!! I recommend the law offices of RANDY SUE POLLOCK OF OAKLAND CA very highly . so randy THANK YOU !!!! FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME AND MY FAMILY…great job !!!!

-William G.

Stamford, CT

Randy Sue Pollock represented my husband in a Federal Indictment that he was involved in. My husband was facing a pretty lengthy sentence within the guidelines of 188-235 months in federal prison. Unfortunately he is considered a career offender. He was actually sentenced to 60 months thanks to Mrs. Pollock. The fact the Mrs. Pollock did not rush things and took the time to really get to know my husband made me feel as if she had his best interest. One thing I can say is that she will not give you any misinformation. If there is something she can’t do she will let you know. She is straight to the point and is very knowledgeable about how things work with the Federal court system. I am certain we will never need a criminal Lawyer again but I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a Great Defense Attorney.

- IK

I was referred to Randy Sue Pollock by a former attorney of mine. It was the best referral I’ve ever had in my life. I dealt with a serious matter (unbeknownst to me) where I needed someone of her caliber and experience

-Lauren H.